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You can surely look for cheap dedicated hosting plans but definitely not cheap dedicated hosting services, as because a service will cause you issues that one can never dream of, while buying a hosting service. This is a listing of cheap dedicated hosting plans to help you out.

I Page

Using its services at as low as $1.00 with certain coupons, I Page ranks first in the listing of cheap dedicated hosting plans due to the unending bandwidth and disk space, along using its free domain name facility that makes it maybe the top hosting service in the industry.

Host Metro

It gives you with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, while providing you with a free domain name in the event you prefer to do this. Also, you will get a 45 day money back guarantee when you select to work with Host metro in order to build your website.

Fat Cow

Fat Cow offers you with web hosting services as low as $3.15 per month. With free domain name, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Fat Cow ranks third in the listing of cheap dedicated hosting plans list. One crucial feature of Fat Cow is that it works on wind energy and thus is 100% environment friendly.

In motion

It gives you with the typical free domain name and unlimited disk storage together with bandwidth. As well as this, they offer you with the customer support all round the clock, even though you've preferred for the cheapest rates obtainable available in the marketplace or are on a low budget.

Host Gator

Host gator is just one more web hosting reviews that has made its place within the inexpensive dedicated hosting list. You get unlimited disk storage and bandwidth at $3.71 per month. In the flip side, if you prefer a domain name you should pay an additional price of $15 per domain. However, they're going to supply you with great technical support if you need them.

Once you pick a web hosting service, it is advisable to take a look at cheap dedicated hosting plans obtainable available in the marketplace. It's not that you should have to pick a cheap service plan, but it surely is always better to check out, especially if you need your hard earned money's worth. Keeping these facts in your mind, you can pick from just about any of the aforementioned hosting services.

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